A Heritage of Print Communication

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has used writing as a means to spread the gospel message for many years. Actually, The oldest Adventist periodical, the Adventist Review, is one of the oldest in all of North America. It was founded by James and Ellen White–two of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, in 1849. Since then, the Review has featured Adventist doctrinal teaching, news, devotions, mission stories, current issues, and more. Today the Adventist Review boasts a 30,000 global circulation.

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Adventist World

Founded in 2005, Adventist World is a global print ministry that every member of the church should receive (if you don’t receive this magazine, be sure to contact your local church clerk to confirm your correct mailing address). Almost 1.5 million copies are printed, in fact, and distributed absolutely free to all Seventh-day Adventists around the world.

The goal of the magazine is to uplift Jesus and to unite Seventh-day Adventists in belief, mission, life, and hope.

You can read online at Adventistworld.org and even open the print editions with many languages to choose from.

Regional Magazines

Many union conferences have periodicals in print and online. These are printed and distributed free-of-charge for all Adventists living in these union conferences and they feature regional news, authors, devotions, and more. If you don’t currently receive a union magazine, check with your local church clerk to confirm your mailing address.

To find a comprehensive list of the North-American Division conferences and their periodicals, click HERE.

To find a comprehensive list of all other divisions in the World Church, click HERE.

Mission Magazines

Mission 360° is the official mission magazine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In it you can follow the gospel mission throughout the world. Available free online, you can read inspiring messages from missionaries, organizational volunteers, advocates, and more.

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Adventist Frontiers is the official magazine of mission organization, Adventist Frontier Missions. Working in cooperation with the SDA church, its doctrinal message, and its leaders, Adventist Frontier Missions sends missionaries into the most unreached places to further the gospel message. Adventist Frontiers is a great place to find stories of career missionaries, student missionaries, field updates, and more.

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Children’s Magazines

KidsView is specifically designed for the kids! This 8-page, full-color magazine is FREE for Adventist Review subscribers or is available as an individual subscription.

KidsView is best for ages 8-12 or grades 3-6. In it you can find puzzles, stories, activities, recipes, devotionals, student writing, and a special calendar each month.

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Guide is a publication for kids ages 10-14. It’s a 32-page, full-color magazine that features nonfiction stories designed to draw the reader closer to Jesus.

Issues also include puzzles, game challenges, facts, and Bible studies.

The magazine’s website includes not only sample issues, but also stories, games, videos, discussion forums, instant chat, talent showcase, Bible studies, Junior and Earliteen Sabbath School lessons, and even various blogs on topics of Pathfinders, sports, and more.

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