Trust, Love, Vulnerability, and Healing

About the Author Trust, Love, Vulnerability, and Healing

Latoya Hazell-Alcide is an author, pastor, international motivational speaker, artist and advocate for youth, healthy families and healing from trauma. Learning from both the positive and negative experiences of her life, her compassion for the disenfranchised was developed and she shifted her life’s work to helping others see the love of God and His grace through their pain. *Her Mission from God - Aligning spiritual and mental health principles with trust, thoughtfulness and care to help build trauma informed faith institutions and communities with the goal of caring for, restoring and increasing resiliency in individuals throughout their crisis and spiritual trauma. *Her Vision - “A Trauma Informed Church” and “Resilient Communities.” Latoya is the Chaplain and High School Bible Teacher at Midland Academy. She is a mother of three young adults. She has degrees in Criminal Justice and Divinity. For speaking engagements contact her at