Students Present Series for Children

“Our students at Great Bend School are learning how to share the gospel through Truth 4 Youth, an evangelistic series for children ages 5-13,” says Sherry Larson, head teacher. “The students present these talks at vespers at the Great Bend Church. Every student in the school will present a different topic, one every month. My students are in grades 3, 4, 5, and 6. They are learning the value of praying for the Holy Spirit to be in their life as they present the gospel message powerfully.”  —submitted by Doris Reile-Kneller, member at Great Bend Church.

Bags of Love Provide Comfort to Displaced Children

“Every day children are removed from their homes due to parental drug abuse and neglect,” says Sue Carlson (Women’s Ministries director). “Many are left with nothing of their own. They lose their home, parents, clothes and their toys. It’s My Very Own…Bags of Love provides a bag of comfort and kindness to children at a very traumatic time in their lives. This bag includes a handmade quilt, stuffed animal, toys, books and personal items. The bags are age appropriate and are delivered to the local agencies charged with removing children from unsafe homes. Lincoln members Judi Wagner and Eldina Blue were interviewed about this wonderful program.” To view the interview and learn more visit:

Sion Church Burns Mortgage

On March 6 the Sion Hispanic Church in Olathe, Kansas, had a mortgage burning. “Our church had grown too big for their New Haven location, so they started looking for a place and found one that they loved,” shares Pastor Leo Figueroa. “The conference approved a 10-year loan. During the 10 years, there were good years, as well as some with struggles, to the point of not having enough for basic expenses. We knew that God is faithful all the time, so we recommitted ourselves to Him. The blessing came, resulting in some building improvements as well as God providing the funds to pay off the loan before it was due. God is always at work!”

Young Adults Share Gifts with Older Singles

“One of the unfortunate results of the COVID-19 pandemic is increased loneliness, especially among those who are older and single,” says New Haven lead pastor Doug Elsey. “With Valentine’s Day this year being on a Sunday, a group of young adults from New Haven set out to give our widows and widowers a Valentine’s gift. Lydia Svobada wrote a beautiful note while her mother Christina made cupcakes. Nearly 40 widows and widowers received a cupcake, chocolates, some popcorn, a flower, and a survey which they can return to the church sharing any needs they have. The weather made the day difficult, but turned out to be a blessing because it insured that our widowers and widows were safely indoors and ready to receive their gifts. I am so thankful for each young adult who got up early to arrange the gifts and then deliver them,” adds Pastor Elsey.