Approximately 30 people gathered at St. Paul Eastside Church in July for a concert and healthy cooking class.

The night kicked off with an informative and interesting talk about natural therapeutic healing ministry presented by Dr. David Blackie, a longtime member of the St. Paul Eastside Church and resident of Hastings, Minnesota, where his office is located. Dr. Blackie concluded his talk by providing therapeutic tea and a delicious fruit dessert.

Soloist and guitarist Lee Givhan then shared creative and poetic songs. Givhan is a member of the musical group called The Lesser Light Collective. Givhan took the audience through an intriguing and moving encounter with Jesus from the books of Daniel and Revelation. These prophetic books were presented with a unique but beautiful and inviting musical instruction. Using a variety of musical styles, including spoken word and folk music, Givhan brought these books to life, and many were blessed as a result.

Koami DaCruz is the Head Elder of the St. Paul Eastside Seventh-day Adventist Church.