The sound of the Sage Creek Gospel Band, a perennial feature of the Wyoming camp meeting, was a call for participants to be ready for another session of the annual spiritual convocation on Casper Mountain’s Mills Spring Ranch. The music was so captivating that visiting speaker Dr. Philip Samaan invited himself to join the band. Not proficient in any instrument, he was given an egg shaker. “I am not a drummer, but I am an egg shaker,” Dr. Samaan confessed.

Ed Barnett, RMC president, presented Samaan with a cowboy shirt embroidered with the band’s name.

The band’s leader, Dennis Pumford, who pastors the Casper congregation, said Dr. Samaan’s performance “created a lot of good humor and rapport with the congregation.”

Dr. Samaan’s presentations included practical applications of the teachings of Jesus. “He put Jesus right into our daily life,” said one participant.

The Sabbath afternoon program included a celebration of Robert Walker’s baptism by his friend from school days, RMC vice president for administration Eric Nelson.

Dr. Samaan said the camp meeting displayed a spirit of fellowship and Christian camaraderie. “I believe when Jesus is uplifted, He pulls people together, as when the disciples were of one accord. Because of that, the Lord blessed them with one Spirit, and this is what I sensed about this camp meeting.”