Work to improve the Iowa-Missouri Conference office building exterior began in October and was recently completed.

The conference office, located in a two-story building in West Des Moines, Iowa, rents most of its lower level to a local business. After years of renting the space out, the conference decided to use some of the money acquired by the renter to improve the exterior appearance and safety of the office.

“We wanted to update the building’s exterior to present a better image of the church to the community. But this was more than improving cosmetic appearance—it was also maintenance that needed to be done,” said Rhonda Karr, conference treasurer.

Cosmetic improvements included updating lettering signage, painting the exterior and adding modernized paneling to parts of the building’s exterior. Additionally, the conference improved building safety by replacing old railings, adding brighter lights and repairing a concrete walkway.

“In addition to an improved look, the renovations increased safety for both patrons and employees of the conference and the business located downstairs,” said Heather Brueske, human resources director.