Twenty-five years. That’s older than any of the students in this class. For 25 years, Union College students have been sharing their perspectives on faith with the Mid-America Union.

Professor Chris Blake originally reached out to the OUTLOOK staff back in 1995 to prepare his editing students for working on a real publication. This opportunity allowed the students to overcome limitations, logistical problems and communication struggles under the guidance of Blake and the OUTLOOK staff. The learning and growth provided by this project has deeply contributed to the students’ careers and, in some cases, changed their lives.

Former student Elena Cornwell learned a lot about writing with peers and working for established publications while being able to share her thoughts about spiritual issues. This experience has contributed to her writing career, giving her opportunities for freelance work with several publications.

The OUTLOOK student issue changed Ryan Teller’s career, steering him from a broadcast television path to print-based publications. After working on OUTLOOK as a student in 1997, Teller went on to join the OUTLOOK staff and became editor a few years later. He now heads Integrated Marketing Communications at Union College.

The energy brought to the project by students has translated into excitement for readers who get to hear from young adults, a valued demographic. “These special issues of OUTLOOK give them some insight into what college students are thinking about and dealing with,” says Teller. Having student writers contribute to the publication has kept OUTLOOK young, exciting and innovative. Readers have enjoyed this, regularly mentioning that the student edition of OUTLOOK is their favorite issue of the year.

This year, we look back to see the themes that have been on the minds of young adults regarding their spiritual walks with Christ (see p. 14-15). We also keep looking to the future to stay at the forefront of Adventist issues and remain involved in the church’s future.


Student-produced OUTLOOK issues from Union College’s editing class begin.




(left) Union College professor: Chris Blake
(right) OUTLOOK editor: Roger Morton


Students discuss cultural divides and how many individual perspectives can still have one God and one faith.


Theme: What Keeps Us Here? editor: Ryan Teller


Largest class of students (20) write about The Surprising Jesus


Theme: Risky Business editor: Martin Weber


Theme: Why Some Young People Leave the Church While Others Revive It


Theme: Finding Joy in the Journey editor: Brenda Dickerson


OUTLOOK Student Publishing Parties begin





Theme: Identity—How we see one another, the world and other religions. OUTLOOK begins promoting students’ articles on social media.






A Piece of My Mind—Chris Blake’s final issue themed on Radical Peacemaking


Theme: Embracing Cultural Differences professor: Lori Peckham


Project transitions from editing class (February issue) to magazine writing class (May issue)


25th anniversary of Union College students sharing inspiration and insights in OUTLOOK.






Cody Hagen is an international relations major from Lincoln, Nebraska.





Ramsey Mesnard is a sophomore studying graphic design at Union College.