In my years at Hillcrest, I have witnessed the lifeblood of this support system carry our school through times of need, help us flourish in the good times, and aid in ways that are impossible to quantify.  I’ve seen retired teachers step back into the classroom when needed, volunteers mow the school grounds in the summer and others clear snow in the winter. Parents step in to carry the responsibility of massive fundraisers, drive and assist on field trips, and pick up hours as school janitors. I’ve also seen church members step into roles of substitute teachers and maintenance crews, while other volunteers and school board members brilliantly tackle bulletin boards, help with grading, organize hot lunches and maintain the school library, among other responsibilities.

I could also detail how monetary donations and church budget allocations make it possible to operate. But for now, I will just say thank you to the entire group of people we call the Hillcrest Family and thank you to our brothers and sisters who support and bless all the other church schools across our conference. We could not do it without you!

I would also like to encourage you—wherever you are—to reach out to a school or children’s ministry near you, especially if you have never had the privilege of volunteering your time or skills. In the past two years, the pandemic has taken an extra toll on an already burn-out-prone career group. Your help and support might be just the lifeline a teacher needs to continue impacting lives for Jesus. We are God’s family and it takes the whole family, working together in Christ-like love, to raise our precious children for Him.