To establish comprehensive benchmarks of support and excellence for the benefit of pastors and pastoral families, the Ministerial Roadmap was developed to enhance:

Spiritual Growth – (character)

To develop a vibrant Christian experience that is rooted in a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus that expresses itself through:

  • selfless service
  • a deeper personal devotional life
  • balance to meet the needs of the families and the churches through refocus on the spirit
  • equipping and enabling them to address personal discouragement and unity in the churches

Ministry Development – (discipleship)

Providing MAUC pastors a ministry experience with a coaching colleague that builds authenticity, accountability and periodic assessment that empowers them to grow in their relational journey with Jesus and releases them to benefit their families, churches and society.  Areas to be addressed may include:

  • Servant Leadership
  • Mutual Respect
  • Succession Planning
  • Motivating Leaders
  • Strength Focused Leadership

Skill-Set Enhancement –(maximizing ministries)

Pastors in the MAUC Conference must be supported, encouraged, and empowered to take advantage of the many skill-set tools that are available to help churches become healthy, discipling communities. Areas to be addressed may include:

  • Conflict Management
  • Building Church Unity
  • Consensus Building
  • Time Management
  • Cultural Awareness and Competency
  • Managing Volunteers
  • Delegation of Duties
  • Gift Based Leadership

*The Ministerial Roadmap was developed by the Ministerial Directors of Mid-America Union for Comprehensive Support of Pastors and Pastoral Families.