Mid America Union Conference is now celebrating its 120-year anniversary of ministering to men, women and children in its vast territory. During the past century, major events in the political, social, economic, scientific and religious world have occurred. Despite all these changes and challenges, the Seventh-day Adventist church in Mid America has continued to minister to the needs of people—sharing the gospel according to the three angels’ messages of Revelation. 

The Church Ministries department of our union remains committed to the task before us. We find sound counsel and valuable insight in the words of the veteran gospel worker, the apostle Paul. As the aged apostle neared the end of his ministry, he instructed his protégé Timothy in II Tim. 4:5 to embrace four-time tested values that would assure the success of his ministry. 

First he instructed the young Timothy to always think clearly, utilizing sound judgment, while maintaining his focus and self-discipline. Secondly, Paul encouraged Timothy that while there will be challenges and hardships in ministry he must not only endure the challenges and difficulties but should do so while maintaining a Christlike attitude and demeanor. 

The apostle’s third admonition was to never forget the purpose of his calling and to always keep before the people the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. Paul caps off his advice by instructing Timothy to make full proof of his ministry—to never settle for anything less than excellence in his service to our Lord, never leave a task half done, never give anything less than his best. In other words, to complete the calling entrusted to him under the guidance of the Spirit of God. My hope for all of us called by our Lord to serve in the ministries of the Mid- America Union is that we will give full proof of our ministry by completing the calling. 

In an effort to complete the calling, the youth directors of our conferences visited Union College in January 2022 recruiting young adults to serve as staff at the summer camps around our territory. Summer camp service is an excellent opportunity for our next generations to develop their leadership skills in a spiritual, fun-filled and safe environment. In addition to learning new skills and gaining valuable work experience, summer camp workers are able to earn scholarships toward tuition expenses when they return to school. Young adults who work at summer camp often go on to complete the calling by remaining connected to the church and its mission.

Our youth are never too young to begin learning the inherent value of studying God’s word and the importance of completing the calling He has placed on their lives. On Feb. 19, nineteen Pathfinder clubs from around our union participated in the union level Pathfinder Bible Experience held at College View Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. Fifteen clubs attended in person, neatly dressed in their Class A uniforms, well prepared and excited for the fellowship. Some of the Pathfinders had an opportunity to testify of the impact participating in PBE had on their lives and the valuable lessons they learned from diligently studying in preparation for the games. 

Four teams, Aurora Las Aguilas from Rocky Mountain, Ankeny Son Seekers from Iowa- Missouri, Ramsey Light of the World- Heaven’s Heirs, and Kenyan Community Heaven’s Crew- Eagles from Minnesota advanced to the division level event to be held April 23 in Eugene, Oregon. Special thanks to Lonny Nelson, the PBE union coordinator, the executive staff, youth directors, club directors and parents for their commitment to our youth.