In the early 1970s a shovel dug into the dark Kansas dirt near Tuttle Creek for the first time, revealing sagebrush roots and small rocks mixed with dirt. Soon there was the sound of chainsaws and the rumble of construction equipment mixed with the echoing concussion of hammers. Broken Arrow Ranch was under construction.

By 1972 when the first campers arrived for their summer camp adventure the camp was ready to serve! In the 50 years since this summer camp began, it has been led by two camp rangers and 13 different youth directors, and has changed the lives of countless young people. Broken Arrow Ranch is more than just a summer camp; it is a retreat center that hosts events and gatherings, from family reunions to weddings.

Broken Arrow Ranch is both a conference summer camp and a home. In the seven years that I have been the conference youth director, I have grown to see the camp as my second home, my place of safety, my place of reflection and perspective and rejuvenation. Each summer I try to craft that environment for our staff to pass on to our campers.

In celebration of our 50th anniversary, we are trying to make this our best summer ever—the best program, the best staff, the best campers, the best conversations, the best songs, the best games, the best food, and most importantly the best curated environment to meet Christ. During Family Camp this summer, we are inviting all former camp staff to come back and join us for a Camp Family Reunion: our Camp Family Camp!

Every year my camp family gets bigger with new staff getting adopted, joining the larger Broken Arrow Ranch family. I hope you’ll join my family this summer too as we celebrate our best summer ever!