Iowa-Missouri Conference delegates met on June 5 at Sunnydale Adventist Academy during a regularly scheduled session for the purpose of electing leadership, receiving reports and conducting other church business.

The meeting began with a short worship which included a devotional by vice president of administration for the Mid-America Union Conference Hubert J. Morel Jr. and special music performed by Sunnydale students and the Columbia Churches’ Women’s Choir.

A quorum was established with 65 percent of regular delegates present. Regular and at-large delegates, totaling 357, received electronic clickers to record individuals’ votes throughout the session.

After due consideration, the majority of delegates voted to elect Elder Dean Coridan to continue serving as president, Rhonda Karr as treasurer and Elder Rob Alfalah as executive secretary for the next five years.

Departmental directors for the human resource, communication, ministerial, youth, education, women’s ministries, health and prayer departments were all voted on. Each director was re-elected by a strong majority vote.

Delegates voted unanimously to express special recognition to Joseph Allison, then education superintendent who would retire at the end of the month. He received a standing ovation for his service and was presented with a plaque.

“It’s been a privilege to serve the Iowa-Missouri Conference… I did not expect this recognition, but thank you,” Allison said.

Reports on church membership, finances, auditing and other statistics were also received and voted. In addition, session delegates voted on proposed changes to the Iowa-Missouri Conference Constitution and Bylaws.

A strong majority, 99 percent, of delegates voted to accept the addition of Section 11 to Article II of the Iowa-Missouri Conference Bylaws. This addition permits virtual attendance at Constituency Sessions when authorized by the Executive Committee and local law.

Eight representatives from the Mid-America Union were on hand to assist with the session. Their aid included helping with registration, running the clicker program and providing counsel.