We praise God for our pastors here in the Minnesota Conference and rejoice when they are ordained. The act of laying hands on pastors does not bestow any virtue on them but rather is an acknowledgement of being called by God, as evidenced by the fruit of their ministry.

Pastor Jared Little was ordained on Dec. 20, 2021, at The Way Church, which is one of the three churches in his three-church district including Westview and Maple Plain. Pastor Little felt the call to be a pastor several times in his life but would often reject it. After getting married while being involved in construction, he began to be active in his local church with giving sermons and serving on boards.  

One night after a board meeting, he looked up at the stars and again felt that familiar calling on his life. But this time he also felt this under-shepherd burden for God’s people. It was at this moment he finally surrendered and as soon as he spoke that prayer, there was a clear impression from the Lord to finish his schooling. Shortly afterward, Jared and Sarah packed up and left for Arkansas where he graduated from Ouachita Hills College. 

God provided many miracles in those days and allowed Jared to complete his education debt free. By God’s grace, he served a practicum under Pastor Bill Nixon and immediately after he was offered a position with the Minnesota Conference to pastor a church plant as well as other churches in his district. The people in his district love Pastor Jared and Sarah and their growing family including 5-year-old Ruben and 2-year-old Arthur. 

Pastor Tyson Kahler was ordained on March 12, 2022, at the Detroit Lakes Church which is also one of the churches in his three-church district including Moorhead and Fergus Falls. Tyson felt God’s call while a senior at Maplewood Academy, at which time several people asked him if he ever considered being a pastor. During that time, he attended a Week of Prayer with Kevin Sears where he heard Kevin’s testimony of God’s transformation in his life while in prison. The call in Tyson’s heart was so real that he wrote the date in the front cover of his Bible with the words, “God called me to be a pastor today.” God continued to put people in his path as mentors who encouraged and supported him. 

During college, he fell away from God. He began to doubt His call and even doubted His existence. It was then, again, that God placed mentors in Tyson’s path to help and guide him. One day while listening to a sermon by one of the religion teachers at Union College, he felt God say to him, “Tyson, this is what I want YOU to do!” It was so real that he knew it was God speaking. This was just the confirmation he needed. He went back to his dorm room and recommitted his life to God and he has never doubted God’s call again. 

Tyson married his wife Marielle during his two-year internship at the Pipestone district, which is a four-church district also including the Artichoke, Windom and Marshall churches.  

From there he went to Andrews University for His Master of Divinity training and upon graduating, he and Marielle were called to his current church district. Their family now also includes Levi, their almost two-year-old son.  

Tyson’s love for his members was very evident during his ordination when he summed up his sentiments in his closing remarks to all gathered with, “I love you guys; you’re my church.”