The Youth Department of the Mid-America Union Conference (MAUC) exists to support the six local conference youth directors and provide leadership as needed. The Mid-America Youth Council, comprised of the youth leaders and representatives from throughout our territory, coordinates ministries and establishes committees. Our goal for the next quinquennium is to provide the following services, in cooperation with the North American Division (NAD):

Adventurer Club

To serve local conferences in a consulting capacity regarding Adventurer Clubs for children under the age of 10.

Pathfinder Club

To coordinate the annual Bible Bowl event that originates in local conferences, progresses to the Mid-America Union and goes on to the NAD.  Each quinquennium the Union will organize the Mid-America Pathfinder Camporee and will provide coordination among the conferences for the International Camporee.

Summer Ministries

To support summer camps and day camps through such activities as coordinating recruiting at Union College and summer camp visitation. A goal for summer day camps is to improve health education.

Youth 4 Youth Convention

To train academy youth leaders for their campus ministry. Mid-America’s youth director serves as coordinator.

Leadership Bible Conferences

To facilitate Leadership Bible Conferences for both academy and public high school students along with their adult leaders.

Special Events

To promote special events such as Winterfest, sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Conference Youth Department.

NAD Youth Congresses

To cooperate with the NAD for such events as Just Claim It Youth Congress, a division-wide Hispanic Youth Congress, and BAYDA (Black Adventist Youth Directors Association) Youth Congress.  A new Mid-America Union Hispanic Youth Congress will be conducted.

College/University Campus Ministry

Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) is a ministry of NAD’s Youth Department.  The Mid-America College/University Advisory will be established to fulfill its goals and facilitate ministry among young people attending public college and university campuses.

Young Professionals

The Mid-America Young Professional Advisory will develop a ministry for young adults who have completed college studies or who have entered their life work.

Short-term Mission Trips

To promote and publicize short-term mission trips organized by various local conferences, allowing young people to serve with the conference of their choice.

Union College

To seek collaboration between youth work in the local conferences and the ministry of Union College through involvement in local rallies, youth congresses and leadership training.

Related Ministries

To support leaders of Community Services by recommending resources for training local youth in Youth Emergency Services (Y.E.S.) along with Rescue and Recovery programs.