The goal of the MAUC Church Ministries Council is to support the local conferences of the Union and to provide leadership as needed for collaborating with related ministries of the NAD.  Local conference representatives will comprise the following Mid-America Union councils and ministries listed below, for the purpose of offering the activities and services described:

Children’s Ministries

Using NAD resources, the MAUC Children’s Ministries Department will coordinate leadership workshops in local conferences for children’s Sabbath school, Vacation Bible School and Neighborhood Bible Club.

Health/Recovery Ministries

The Health/Recovery Ministries Council will use NAD resources for training, seminar materials and initiatives for better health such as Breathe Free and C.H.I.P. (Cardiac Health Improvement Program). Other programs supported and promoted will be Depression Recovery, Binding the Wounds, The Journey, Journey to NAI (for teen groups), Divorce Care and Rainbows.

Sabbath School Ministries

The MAUC Sabbath School Council will develop a support system for local conferences, including training for children’s divisions and adult Sabbath School classes.

Personal Evangelism

To foster spiritual and numerical growth, the MAUC Personal Evangelism Council will offer courses to develop skills for teaching group Bible studies in the Book of Revelation, fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and basic Christianity.

Family Life Ministries

The MAUC Family Life Council will provide workshops in conjunction with the NAD Family Life Department.

Disabilities Ministries

Under the leadership of Thompson Kay, the MAUC Disabilities Council will provide education and training for ministering to those who are disabled.