At its regularly scheduled 2019 Fall meeting the Mid-America Union Conference Executive Committee received reports, discussed various issues relevant to ministry in the union, and voted ordination recommendations for five pastors.

Here is an overview of information from the reports that were shared.



Strengthening local conferences and institutions


Providing a steady flow of leadership, communication, mentoring, and training

2020 Priorities

  • Roger Wade and team working hard on the Growing Young initiative
  • Pathfinder Camporee successful–over 50 MAUC young people baptized
  • MAUC office team continues to become a diverse, mission-focused group
  • Union College passed its AAA visit with flying colors

Preparing for GC Session June 25-July 4 in Indianapolis

Continuing supporting Adventist education K-16

Supporting Central States and Minnesota Conferences through their constituency session this spring

Keeping transformative evangelism before our field

Supporting our conferences’ stewardship programs on an ongoing basis


2019 Church Membership Totals by Conference