Versacare Inc. announced this week that for 2020 it will award $1 million in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) grants to qualifying Seventh-day Adventist primary and secondary schools across the North American Division.

The 2020 STEM grant program is open to all NAD local conference or church sponsored primary or secondary schools, excepting those schools that received a Versacare STEM grant in 2018 or 2019.

The funding categories are as follows:
• $5,000 for schools of 3 or less classrooms;
• $10,000 for schools of 4 or more classrooms;
• $10,000 for senior academies.

The deadline to apply is December 31, 2019. Applications are via the Versacare website.

Applicants will be prompted to provide three items of documentation to satisfy IRS grant funding eligibility:
• A list of current school board members;
• Last year’s financial statement; and
• A copy of the school’s board approved technology plan.

Among the many uses of STEM funds are the purchase of classroom smart boards, providing tablets or laptops for student use, equipping or updating student computer labs, installation of 3D printers and related software, initiating or funding robotics programs, instruction in software coding, the equipping of chemistry, physics and biology labs, and more.

Visit to apply for a STEM grant or to learn more about Versacare’s 2020 STEM grant program.

2020 will be Versacare’s fifth successive year funding STEM grants. To date, Versacare has provided 229 schools with a total of $1,830,000 in STEM funding.


Who may apply?
Primary or secondary schools in the NAD that are affiliated with the Adventist Church

What grants are available?
$5,000 for schools with three or less classrooms
$10,000 for schools with four or more classrooms
$10,000 for senior academies

When is the application deadline?
December 31, 2019

Where does one apply?
Via the online application at

What documentation is required with the application?
1. A list of your current school board members
2. A copy of last year’s financial statement
3. A copy of your school board approved technology plan

How do I provide Versacare with the application documentation?
You will be prompted to attached the documents while filling out the application

How are the grants awarded?
Randomly, using the random number generator embedded in Microsoft Excel

Are the funds awarded without restriction?
Yes, provided they are used for equipping and teaching STEM in the classroom

When are the funds awarded?
At Versacare’s annual board meeting in March

How are the funds disbursed?
A check is sent directly to your school from the Versafund within 30 days of the award

How will Versacare communicate with me when the grants awarded are announced?
All correspondence except for the mailed check is via email; please ensure that you notify
Versacare if your email address changes or your contact person is replaced by someone else

Is there a reporting requirement on our school’s use of funds to Versacare?
Yes, you must report to Versacare on your use of funds by February 1, 2021; you will receive
email reminders from Versacare as the reporting date approaches