“Be Brave. Take Risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” – Paulo Coelho

The Mile High Academy Uganda mission students presented a program at Denver South Church last May. This was an extension of the Uganda mission trip the students took February 27 through March 11 where they held medical clinics, Vacation Bible School programs, educational activities, and built a basketball court for the community to enjoy. Even though the Uganda mission Real World Learning class is no longer in session, the students have continued their passion for the people of Uganda and service in general.

Real world learning at MHA

At MHA we believe in learning through experience. When students have opportunities to solve real world problems they gain the necessary skills to go on to college, future careers and life. As students are taken out into the community to experience hands-on projects, meet with community leaders and ask questions of real-life innovators, their desire to create solutions for the world’s needs becomes inherent in them.

In the last couple years, MHA has taken community experience seriously by leading students out of the classroom and into the real world where the need is authentic. At MHA, students engage in positive ways with business leaders to create action plans for the community.

Real World Learning asks students to look beyond themselves and find ways they can help locally, nationally and internationally.

We at MHA know that schools are no longer islands of education. Instead, we function within a greater collaborative network that brings experts in every field together with our amazing teachers to create the perfect learning environment for our students.

Agape Hammond is director of marketing and communications for Mile High Academy in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.