We’ve all gotten that random email, text, or DM.

Hey, girl! It’s been awhile, but I’ve discovered something wonderful and I just can’t keep it to myself! I can’t wait to give you all the details.

If you’re a woman, you most likely know that the details will be some kind of product to fix up your face, your closet, your waistline, or energy levels. In order to fix the problem with your face, waistline, or energy levels, you have to buy this special product. It’s super expensive and the only way to get the goods with the least amount of cost is to buy in!

We dread these messages the same way we dread the evangelists coming to our door. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. We don’t want to spend any money or adopt the lifestyle of the seller.

We don’t want to say “yes”, but we don’t want to be put in the position to have to say “no”.

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

I find it funny when I see these messages or posts that say just enough to peak interest, but refuse to offer details. It’s not funny when the church does it, however. When we plan an event with entertainment and hide the truth behind the scenes, it hurts the process and discourages those we try to reach.

I grew up in a time when my church would hold meetings for the public, and then tell everyone involved not to say what Christian denomination we represented. As a child, I thought this was backwards, but as an adult I see it’s quite deceptive. It’s not just deceptive but harmful to the Kingdom of God.

I don’t agree with deceptive and manipulative marketing, but to an extent, we can learn from some MLM and network marketing practices.

Go Into All Nations

We can’t all physically go into all nations, but through the internet we can. There is a reason why MLM businesses have boomed in recent years. It’s because the World Wide Web has broken open a barrier that once existed between manufacturer and consumer.

We can now reach everyone on the planet (who has high speed internet) but we often do it wrong.

We squander the gift of the internet by misusing it. If Jesus had access to the amounts of people that we do, He wouldn’t waste time getting mixed up in drama. He’d spread the Good News.

What is the good news? It’s not how much you saved on car insurance this month. It’s not how much you made with bitcoin this month. It’s not the best deals you found on Amazon or clearance you found at Walmart. These things are helpful to others, yes. These things can be entertaining, of course. But how often are you selling the gospel while you’re selling yourself on the internet?

I’m guilty! I want people to like my photos and follow my poetry. I want to make money by spending time on my phone selling products, playing games, or generating content. Who doesn’t!?

But, I’m learning that I need to use the tools God has given me to also spread His Word. I need to be excited as if I’m copy/pasting right off my script. I need to reach into my own heart and soul (because the Spirit dwells there).

Get Excited

When I get a message from a friend selling a product, she is excited. To reach that level of excitement she is likely experiencing change in her life.

In order to reach this level of excitement for the Kingdom I have to spend time making changes.

What can you change today so that you’re more excited about Jesus?