If we needed a sign that digital evangelism is necessary to further the gospel message, 2020 was that sign.

When the world was locked down, church families were dispersed to their own homes, and if it weren’t for technology, they would have been utterly disconnected from other believers.

Digitally is how we connected.

Digitally is how we prayed together.

It’s how we did Bible studies, how we had church and Sabbath School.

It is how we interacted with our youth groups.

Digitally is how we learned to spread the Good News post-COVID19.

Now that churches are once again open, the global church has had a moment to assess the digital impact it had throughout that turbulent time.

The church itself–Christians of all denominations as well as those searching for God–are online. They’re spending more time online than ever. They’re doing more things and learning more online than ever before.

The time to reach the unchurched online is now.

The time to reach those who have left our local congregations online is now.

Adventist Teams is a place where digital missionaries can share and create resources to help the church fulfill its mission.

As soon as you sign up, you can begin daily missions which may include sharing a link with a friend, following a ministry page, watching a video, etc. If you know of great resources that are created by Seventh-day Adventist members or churches, you can suggest them to the app as well!

For the first time ever, every missionary also has the opportunity to be a leader. As soon as you register, you can begin inviting friends to be part of your team. When you advance to team leader there are perks and training opportunities at every level.

Team leaders have the opportunity for monthly training calls, early access to vital resources, Personality and Talent Map from Life Academy, life coaching, monthly zoom meeting with world church leaders, and more.

Every mission you complete and every member who joins your team gives you points that earn badges, leadership rank, and leadership perks.

Adventist Teams is not about creating digital missionaries to do the work of the church. It’s about equipping every single member with the tools necessary to do the work of God in the digital world (which is where many of us live).

Learn more about Adventist Teams by clicking on the video below or click HERE.

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