“This program has taught me that the more you give to God, the more you get back,” commented Sophie, a junior at College View Academy, and one of 17 students in the 2019 Rocky Mountain Youth Rush literature ministry program, which is known as All In.

According to Matthew Hasty, coordinator of the RMC literature ministry program, the activities and door-to-door canvassing show the students God’s love more fully, and allow them to accept Him with a desire to be all in, not just for the few weeks they are in the program, but for the rest of their lives.

“This is my 18th year as part of an LM team. I am really excited to see how God is going to work. Each time you open your home’s door, let it remind you to pray for our kids knocking on them,” said Matthew Hasty.

This year’s program, which started June 4, includes canvassing activities in the Denver area, as well as a month in Wyoming. In Denver, the students are hosted at the LifeSource Fellowship Church. A four-member leadership team coordinates activities for the students, 12 of whom are new to the program. Ashley, a Campion Academy senior, commented, “I love how organized and God-focused it is, and how everything is planned out.”

One of the important outcomes of the program is the stories of meeting people and learning how to engage with them. The students and leaders shared these stories with participants of the Northeastern Camp Meeting at Campion Academy.

Adrianna, a student at Campion Academy, shared her experience meeting a man who gave her $100 “to give Christian books to someone who couldn’t afford them.”

“A few minutes later I met a lady [who said she] was an atheist because something bad had happened to her,” said Adrianna. “The ironic thing is I was an atheist eight months ago, too. I started sharing my testimony and gave her a Great Controversy because she couldn’t afford it. It’s amazing how God gave me more than enough money to give this woman a book she couldn’t afford!”

Adam Cornett of Wyoming recounted his first day canvassing. “On my first day out, I found out quickly that it’s not easy going door to door. After a few hours of not getting anything out, we stopped and prayed. Ten minutes later, I met a guy who takes books to a pastor for an Indian reservation. He decided to get four of each of our books, totaling $450! It taught me to not give up when things are hard, but to keep working because you never know who you’ll meet next.”

The current LM summer program will continue until Aug. 6.

Rajmund Dabrowski, communication director for the Rocky Mountain Conference, with Matthew Hasty