Prue Simmons, 97, recently retired from her position as investment leader at the Centerville Church. Simmons is not sure how many decades she has served in this role, nor could any current church members recall. What everyone does remember, however, is the enthusiastic spirit with which Simmons encouraged members to participate in investment projects and offerings.

Simmons says the greatest blessing of being investment leader through the years has been “helping the Lord’s work go around the world.” And when she was asked what advice she would give to other investment leaders, she said simply, “Make it your own.”

Other offices Simmons has held in the Centerville Church through the years include treasurer, deaconess, superintendent, personal ministries leader, teacher, MV leader and speaker.

While Simmons’ diminishing eyesight makes it necessary for her to step down, her vision of finishing God’s work remains clear. What keeps her connected? “Christ crucified,” she answers. “He gave His life for me, so I want to show Him how much I appreciate Him.”

Gwen Simmons is communication secretary for the Centerville Church in Iowa.