Despite challenges and disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic throughout 2020, the Sioux Falls Adventist Church and school have continued to focus on making their facility a welcome and safe place for children and youth.

After the successful renovation of the gymnasium, which included new adjustable basketball hoops, a new gym floor and repainted walls, followed by the extreme makeover of the Youth Room, the focus shifted to the aging playground. It has been the place where children play in fresh air and many meaningful conversations have been held. But after decades of surviving storms, high winds and the creative use of children, the time had come to say goodbye to the faithful playground that had become quite shaky in its old age.

The church and school leaders wish to extend a huge thank to church members who donated toward the project. Thank you to the volunteers who helped with the annual Summer Fruit Sales, to the supportive church school board who organized the Annual Fall Festival fundraisers, and to the school students who participated in various other fundraisers, including this summer’s sale of locally grown sweet corn which was greatly appreciated by the local community.

It is because of everyone’s combined efforts and contributions over the years that we have been able to make the future of children and youth the top priority. Through the various improvements both small and large, the church and school have not only created a welcome and safe place to play and learn, but also communicated to the community that whether it is the programs offered or the facilities used, we always strive to become better while excellence is pursued.

Dragos Profir is pastor of the Sioux Falls Church in South Dakota.