The April 2016 print edition of OUTLOOK features women in ministry. As you read the stories, you will meet several women who have answered a call from the Lord and their church and are serving in various roles around our union. These are women with a deep love for our Savior and our church and who have true servant hearts. They have been, and will continue to be, a wonderful blessing here in Mid-America.

As we think about Women’s Ministries, however, their role goes far beyond just ministering to other women in our churches or communities. Women have been involved in ministry roles in all of our lives in different capacities. Think of the women in your life who have ministered to you—the women who, through their influence, have helped you be where you are today.

Mothers, teachers, leaders

For me, it starts with my mother. In The Adventist Home, Ellen White says: “The mother is God’s agent to Christianize her family” (p. 235). This was certainly true in my home growing up. Mom loved Jesus and it came through loud and clear as we experienced her faithfulness. Her “Christianizing” influence showed through her devotional life, the way she mentored and disciplined us, the sweet spirit with which she filled our home, and love and service given to others outside our home.

I could also talk about those women who faithfully planned and carried out the Sabbath school programs I was privileged to attend. My Sabbath school teachers brought the great stories of the Bible to life. From them I learned to love and memorize numerous scripture verses that I have tucked away in my heart. By the way, if you haven’t said “thank you” to those who love and teach your children at church, please remember to do so this next Sabbath. They work hard to bless our children!

I could speak of the many women teachers I had in grade school, academy and college. I could tell you stories about each one, but I will mention only Dr. Minon Hamm, from whom I took Biblical Literature. When I sat in her class she was teaching at Southern Adventist University, but from there she came to teach at Union College. Many of you reading this may have had her for a professor as well. She sought me out as a student and was determined to bless and help me. She truly loved her students and taught me much about the Bible and our Savior.

Here in Mid-America, I am especially grateful for Nancy Buxton, who has led out in Women’s Ministries in our union since 2002. She, along with our six conference Women’s Ministries leaders, touch many lives through their selfless service to others.

Chosen messenger

Probably the most influential woman in ministry for many of us has been Ellen White. She too answered a very special call from the Lord to be a leader and messenger for our church. Her life and writings have blessed millions of people around the world.

To date, she remains the most translated woman author in the history of literature and the most translated American author of either gender, with her masterpiece on successful Christian living, Steps to Christ, appearing in more than 140 languages. During her lifetime she wrote over 5,000 periodical articles and 40 books covering a broad range of subjects, including religion, education, social relationships, evangelism, prophecy, publishing, nutrition and management (

I believe it is true to say that without the ministry women have provided in the Seventh-day Adventist Church from its beginning, we would not have a church today…it is that simple.

So I invite you to thank the Lord for—and pray for—the women in our church who have answered a call to ministry in any role. They need and deserve our love and support!