Women are uniquely designed by God to touch people’s lives in many ways. As women, we are naturally nurturers and because of that we are better able to minister in some areas. Ellen White said that women can come close to the hearts of other women and the family, and do a work that the men cannot do (Evangelism, p. 464).

I think of Women’s Ministries as doing what Jesus did—mingling with the people, meeting their needs, and then telling them about Jesus and praying with them. I believe every department of the church should have the mission of winning souls, and that is what Women’s Ministries is all about.

Our six conference directors are a dynamic group of women who bring vitality and creativity to their mission. They also have a passion for including young women in this ministry. Here are a few stories of what is happening around the Mid-America Union.

Terri Perkins, Central States

terriperkinsTerri Perkins, Women’s Ministries director for Central States, shares this beautiful story from the Sharon Church in Omaha, Nebraska where they have implemented a weekly prayer ministry call: “The layout of the prayer call is for women to say short sentence, consecutive prayers. The group started off with approximately 10 women and their numbers have grown.

As a result of this ministry and Heart Call (a reclamation tool) one woman has rejoined the church. Today, her testimony is that if it were not for the consistency of women showing that they cared for each other she would not be back in the church.”

Brenna Kerr, Dakota

Brenna KerrDakota Conference Women’s Ministries director, Brenna Kerr, is excited about their prayer ministry. Brenna relates this story: “At the end of our retreat, we turn in our name tags and ask the ladies to take one on their way out, and to pray for that woman for the next year. I received a letter from one of the ladies who told me she is delighted to be praying for the woman whose name she drew. She found out this woman is not a Seventh-day Adventist and she is excited to lift her to heaven and see what God is going to do this year.”

Gail Coridan, Iowa-Missouri

Gail CoridanIowa-Missouri Women’s Ministries director, Gail Coridan, tells about Lizzie Harrison-Chambwa in the St Louis area: “After going through Equipping University (lay training program empowering members for ministry in their church and community) Lizzie and her family began the Emmanuel Seventh-day Adventist church plant in University City of St. Louis County. Lizzie has been extending herself for many years to reach women who are suffering abuse. She also holds seminars and day retreats to create awareness amongst others who could be helping these sisters. Lizzie is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and is determined to witness for Him.”

Sue Carlson, Kansas-Nebraska

Sue CarlsonAs Women’s Ministries director for Kansas-Nebraska, Sue Carlson decided, after much prayer, that God in Shoes was a great avenue for bringing Jesus to the communities of her conference. To date, Sue and her team have hosted five God in Shoes events in various cities in Kansas and Nebraska, including seminars on topics pertinent to the situations concerning under-served people of the area. Sue says, “The last day of God in Shoes is a spa day where the ladies are each given a new pair of shoes and pampered with manicures, foot massages, body massages, facials and prayed over several times. Every woman is also given a Bible and the first lesson from the Discover Bible Series. One lady was so excited about the Bible and the lessons that she asked the pastor to study with her family so they could be baptized.”

Kristin Breiner, Minnesota

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKristin Breiner, Women’s Ministries director for the Minnesota Conference, is always looking for ways to help every woman in her conference experience God’s calling. For the last several years she and her team have held God’s Calling weekends where ladies are given tools and ideas to help them be leaders and witnesses for Jesus.

This year they decided to step out in faith and organize their very first God in Shoes event. It was held at a shelter for women and children who are survivors of domestic abuse. Besides the spa treatment and the new shoes for every woman, they gave each lady a rose. Kristin recalls that “several of the ladies broke down and cried when they were given the rose. One of them said, ‘This is the first rose I have ever received in my life.’

“A sweet 13- year-old girl came through with her mother and found the very pair of shoes she had been asking for just the day before as they shopped. They had not been able to afford them in the store but there they were, sitting on the table, in her size!”

Ginger Bell, Rocky Mountain

Ginger BellGinger Bell and her assistant, DeeAnn Bragaw, held two one-day retreats last year along with a day of service on Sunday after the retreat.

On Monday they received a call from a lady who mentors a young adult woman in her church. The young woman had attended both the retreat and the day of service. Ginger says, “The caller wanted us to know that the young woman had told her the retreat and the service day had been life changing. She had been longing for a sense of purpose and throughout the weekend, where she was able to minister in such a hands-on way, God renewed her purpose and lifted her heart. We are excited about how the Holy Spirit will grow those seeds!”

Nancy Buxton is Women’s Ministries director for the Mid-America Union.