StephStephanie Gottfried was elected by the Kansas-Nebraska Conference Executive Committee on March 20 to be the new publications director. She received her bachelor’s degree in communication from Union College in 2004 and has been an administrative assistant at the conference office since 2013. Before coming to Kansas-Nebraska in 2012 when her husband, Darin, became the associate treasurer for the conference, they were at Wisconsin Academy where Stephanie served as registrar.

The major responsibilities of this position are gathering and writing stories for OUTLOOK and writing and designing the Conference Communique,  as well as maintaining the conference website and Facebook page and producing calendars and brochures.

Stephanie will continue to administrate the conference’s scholarship program and assist in their Education Department. Stephanie’s creativity, new ideas and relevance to a younger generation will bring a fresh look to the many ways the conference communicates with its members.

Ron Carlson is president of the Kansas-Nebraska Conference.