When it comes to witnessing, one size does not fit all. Sabbath Keepers, a national group of motorcycle enthusiasts, connects for Jesus with other bikers in an unconventional manner. Recently, the Ottawa (KS) Chapter came to Topeka to help start another chapter.

“Motorcycle ministry is about reaching out to those who won’t walk into church on Sabbath mornings,” said Stuart Wolzen, Ottawa Chapter president. “We emphasize kindness, friendship and willingness to meet people on their own level—not to condemn, but just showing love. That’s the mission of Sabbath Keepers.”

After conducting worship services at Topeka’s Wanamaker Church, the Ottawa team shared more details about Sabbath Keepers and the rewards received from attending biker meetings. They set up a booth to distribute literature such as Steps to Christ and The Great Hope.

Kenny Adams, Ottawa vice president (who has been riding since 1958), is enthusiastic about the ministry: “We can get in and talk to other bikers because we have a common bond—motorcycles.”

“Our job is to plant the seed; the Lord will bring the harvest,” Wolzen declared. He added, “People need not own a motorcycle to join Sabbath Keepers. We also need members who can haul trailers with our booth and literature materials. The key component is a willingness to witness.”

To find out more about Sabbath Keepers, contact Wolzen at swolzen76@yahoo.com.

News writer John Treolo is communication director for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference.