On April 7, a group of more than 120 believers celebrated the official organization of the Rocky Mountain Ghanaian Church—the newest church in the Rocky Mountain Conference.

Visitors came for the Sabbath celebration from as far away as Indiana, New Jersey, and from their sister church in Dallas, Texas.

Elder Eric Nelson, RMC vice president for administration, welcomed the new church to the Rocky Mountain Conference alongside Esteb Pierre, pastor of the congregation.

“We are celebrating with you two significant milestones that occurred for you as a body of believers,” Nelson told the congregation. He listed the two milestones: “Organizing this body of believers as an official church and celebrating the wonderful provision of a house of worship.” Nelson continued by saying, “God has and will do great things in this body of believers.”

During the service, the official members came forward to sign a book registering their names as charter members of the church. The registry was signed by over 100 church members, baptismal candidates and children.

Started in 2005, today the Ghanaian congregation is meeting in their newly purchased church in Aurora, Colorado, at 3600 Helena Street.

Eric Nelson is VP for administration at the Rocky Mountain Conference.