Over 85 Pathfinders from five conferences participated in the Mid-America Union Pathfinder Bible Experience held online on Sabbath, Feb. 27. Lonny Nelson, coordinator for the event, said that 12 teams from nine churches qualified for this level. Each team submitted their responses together, using a laptop.

On Sabbath afternoon, March 6, Pastor Roger Wade, Church Ministries director for the Mid-America Union, hosted a “results event” online with several other leaders to officially announce the standings. Below are the team names, sponsoring church, and the conference they represent.

Third Place:

Shadows, St. Louis, Iowa-Missouri

I Don’t Know, College View, Kansas-Nebraska

Second Place:

Cougars, Loveland, Rocky Mountain

Pioneers, Sedalia, Iowa-Missouri

Melchizedek, College View, Kansas-Nebraska

First Place:

Wise Believers, Mountain Experience, Central States

Son-Seekers, Ankeny, Iowa-Missouri

Aviators, Lees Summit, Iowa-Missouri

Cappadocians, College View, Kansas-Nebraska

Golden Lamps, Light of the World, Minnesota

Shining Doves, Light of the World, Minnesota

Las Aguilas, Aurora, Rocky Mountain


The Bible books being studied this year are Hebrews, James, and 1st and 2nd Peter. Pathfinder teams who receive first place awards are eligible to participate in the North American Division virtual PBE on April 16.