It has been a full year since the world went into lockdown over COVID-19. So much has changed. Many have lost their jobs and homes, and we’ve all lost our sense of normalcy.

More than 500,000 people have died, including some of our own family members and friends. The way we shop, do school and church has changed. The disease, stress, and social unrest has been exhausting!

The need to recalibrate and refocus on positive things is real. So, through the newly formed Adventist Society for the Arts (ASA), we’re hosting an art/photography show titled, “Creative Cure: Art in the Age of COVID.”

The Adventist Society for the Arts (ASA) provides a venue for Seventh-day Adventist church members who have an interest in art in its many forms—architecture, calligraphy, digital graphics, drama, drawing, film, painting, photography, songwriting, street art, sculpture and more–to network, collaborate and produce art that speaks to today’s culture and world.

The philosophy behind having such an organization within the Seventh-day Adventist Church is linked with the purpose and mission of the church—to share God’s love with a fractured world.

The mission of ASA is to create art that brings good to life, promotes justice and truth, and inspires others to want to know the God we love.

Art can be like medicine, providing visual and psychological relief from the tedious concerns that come with a world pandemic. We’re asking people to submit images of objects, people, places that have helped them cope during COVID. What has helped you survive and heal? This watercolor of a white flower (an example of something that could be submitted) was painted by Helen Dalgleish, a 97-year-old Adventist who lives in Loma Linda, California.

Please share this with any Adventists you know who love to create art and take photos. This is about bringing good to life, focusing on beauty, and finding healing in an otherwise negative situation.

–Rich DuBose, director of ASA, is also the director of Church Support Services for the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.