Tumbling, airplane modeling and paper quilling were among 21 honors able to be earned by Pathfinders at the 2018 RMC Camporee at Glacier View Ranch Aug. 1-4. The camporee brought together 350 members from 25 diverse clubs throughout the conference, including an Indonesian club attending for the first time.

Although winds and rain threatened some activities, such as the outdoor scavenger hunt Sabbath afternoon, the high spirits of the Pathfinders couldn’t be subdued.

“This was the best camporee we’ve ever had,” said RMC Pathfinder co-director Chris Hill who, along with her co-director husband Don, coordinated the event. On Sabbath a record number of attendees filled the church bowl for a presentation about “I AM” and what those words mean to different people. Attendees wrote what the theme meant to them on the stage blackboards.

Pathfinders Hasina, from Greeley, Colorado, and Sydney, from Casper, Wyoming, both worked on the airplane modeling and duct tape honors, fashioning wallets out of duct tape. Hasina even created a purple, blue and black bow tie out of the tape.

Evaluating and integrating new ideas

Pathfinder clubs in the Rocky Mountain Conference thrive because of their strong leadership. But with the pull of many, varied activities available to today’s youth, even a good organization can struggle. Because of this, RMC youth leaders are constantly evaluating and integrating new ideas.

One way this can be accomplished is providing activities for members that integrate honors. For example, a camping weekend can provide an opportunity to earn honors in camp craft, camp safety, camping skills, fire building and camp cookery, Dutch oven cooking, edible wild plants, and cold weather survival. There are any number of interests that could be pursued through activities.

As leaders sorted out ways to reach RMC youth, those who attended the camporee enjoyed activities such as going on a Jeep trip with RMC youth director Steve Hamilton and singing with the praise team. Many were drawn to the camporee for much more than simply earning honors.“I got to be with some of my best friends and I love singing,” explained Hasina.