Willie VazquezWilly Vazquez, pastor of Kansas-Nebraska’s Hutchinson and Great Bend Hispanic churches, understands the importance of filling a need in the community. That’s why each Tuesday he volunteers at the Avenue A Elementary School in Hutchinson, tutoring Hispanic students who are struggling with English. Some days he assists one student, other days a group.

Vazquez says, “It is amazing working with kids. I see their frustration when they do not understand the class, but when I sit with them and explain it to them, I see a smile and happiness on their faces.”

Vazquez has also found a need among the parents of these students. Many of the parents do not speak English and have trouble communicating with their child’s teacher. They have questions or concerns about their child’s performance, but cannot express those concerns due to the language barrier. Vazquez has offered his services as an interpreter during parent-teacher conferences.

By meeting the needs of the people in our communities, he believes we open doors to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“One of the students asked me one day to pray for his brother,” says Vazquez. “I thank God because through this ministry some doors have been opened, literature has been distributed and some Bible studies have been established.”