May God bless you and keep youcouple

May the face of Jesus shine upon you and be gracious to you

May the fullness of the spirit dwell within you and give you peace

A version of this blessing was pronounced over the people of Israel twice daily at the courts of the tabernacle. Every day, one could venture to the temple to receive a blessing of favor, grace and peace.

Blessed & Kept is a daily podcast born out of my desire to give a blessing to my wife as she drives to work each morning. Perfectly catered to short commutes, these 1-3 minute blessings offer an opportunity to start the workday acknowledging God and preparing to represent God well. Listeners receive blessings of patience, peace, strength for difficult days, love for difficult people, and accepting God’s love for us. Just as the Israelites entered the temple courts to receive the daily blessing, Blessed & Kept offers the opportunity to fill the morning routine or work commute with a blessing fresh for today.

Below is a sample of the type of blessing listeners can expect from the podcast, which can be found at:–kept

May you receive wisdom.

May God grant you the spirit of discernment.

May you tread softly on the path of wisdom, for it is with humility we must receive it.

May God grant you the spirit of courage.

May you follow the path of wisdom, even when it is unpopular.

May God grant you the spirit of grace.

May you trust that others are doing the best they can even if their decisions are unwise to you.

May God grant you the spirit of peace.

May you rest in the knowledge of God’s guidance over you.

May God grant you the spirit of self-sacrificial love.

May you follow wisdom’s path in service of others, allowing God’s deep love for each of them to keep you on the path.

May God grant you the spirit of patience.

May you wait on God long enough to receive the wisdom that you seek.

May God grant you the spirit of perspective.

May you experience a wider view of all the work God is doing in the world.

May the wisdom you receive lead you to join in the work in ways previously misunderstood to you.

May you see with the eyes of God.


– Written by Casey Bartlett, adjunct professor at North Dakota State University.