“This pandemic changed all our plans, but not our mission,” says Roberto Correa (Hispanic coordinator for the conference at the time of this writing). “After upgrading our equipment at the Topeka Hispanic Church we launched our virtual evangelist series called Moments with the Master. Even though it is tough not to be able to gather at the church as we normally do, something amazing happened. We had more members viewing and sharing our presentation through Facebook live every night. By having our online program many more visitors were connected with us than we have had previously. The series was wrapped up with baptisms. We praise the Lord for blessing these meetings and the people who joined us for them,” says Pastor Correa.


“Last Sabbath our El Dorado congregation gathered in the afternoon to put together gift boxes for our neighbors,” says Pastor Francois Erasmus. “Inside each box we included a Christmas card signed by our members, sealed-store-bought treats, a Christmas tree ornament, as well as a Steps to Christ. After dividing into groups of two we walked down the main street our church is located on, gave our neighbors a gift box, and prayed for them. Afterward we debriefed at the church building and all agreed that God blessed our outreach effort!” shares Pastor Francois.


Sharing music through in-person concerts has become a challenge this year at our schools. Midland Adventist Academy has found a creative way to tackle that challenge. “In November Midland Adventist Academy’s choir released our first video performance of the school year,” says Steve Hutchison, music director. “The song is called ‘He’ll Make it Alright’ by Pastor Charles Jenkins. Several parents and community members have responded with how touched they were with the message of hope and peace.” If you would like to watch their video you can view it on YouTube at www.youtu.be/-KOElOqkmcu.