Han Chol (Harold) Jung was ordained to the ministry on Oct. 13, 2018 at New Haven Church in Overland Park, Kansas. Jung, who was born and raised in Deacheum, Korea, has felt called to pastoral ministry since he was a youth.

Jung grew up Adventist, and he attended a small rural church where the pastor preached twice a year. Because the pastor came so rarely, his visits were celebrated with a feast. To Jung, this made the pastor a very special person.

Jung attended Adventist schools, where he was active in prayer group, music and was president of the church youth group. He attended Sahmyook University in Seoul, South Korea, and majored in theology.

In his junior year, Jung went to Haerbin, China, as a missionary. While there he taught Bible and Korean and helped at the local church. He made friends with many North Korean escapees, and from that missionary experience he learned how influential the Word of God is in changing people’s lives.

Jung’s ministry in the United States began in 2013 when he was hired as a part-time youth pastor for a Korean church in Minneapolis.

In April 2015, Jung and his wife Juyeon (Joanne) moved to Kansas-Nebraska Conference, where he now serves as associate pastor at New Haven Church. His focus has been on strengthening the group of Korean believers in Kansas City.

Since joining New Haven, the Korean group has grown, and so has Jung’s family. The Jungs have been blessed with a son, Ian, who is one year old. Jung serves the New Haven Korean group and helps with the ReNewed Hope Food pantry.

John Sweigart is VP for administration for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference.

Photo: Courtesy Kansas-Nebraska Conference