A month ago, Mrs. DeAnna Anderson arrived at Glenwood Springs Church. She is the director of a new home for the elderly called Peregrine Senior Living. She waited for someone to arrive at the church since it was early in the morning and then director of the Sabbath School, brother Eli Amaya, showed up.

Mrs. DeAnna told him that she was coming to ask for collaboration from the church to sing hymns and to give biblical studies to the people who will live at her nursing home. She added that she had been visiting other churches for that purpose, including her own, but that none had accepted the invitation.

Eli enthusiastically told her that she could count on our church. He presented this plan to the other leaders and me and then I spoke with Mrs. DeAnna by phone to arrange a meeting at her nursing home.

Last Saturday we went with my wife and Eli to meet this new nursing home and Deanna took us on a tour of the two huge buildings (two floors) of the Peregrine Senior Living that had opened its doors one day before. She was very enthusiastic and showed us the chapel where we can gather people to do a weekly service with them every Saturday afternoon. There they also have a piano.

Then Mrs. DeAnna asked something that surprised us: “Do you need support with offerings and tithes?” We told her not to worry about that; our only interest is to fulfill her desire to give spiritual attention to people.

When she showed us the library we asked her if we can donate our books and magazines, to which she responded very excitedly yes. So, we are already collecting publications in English and Spanish to place in that library.

This nursing home can accommodate more than 100 people and is luxuriously prepared with all the essential amenities. She told us that the nursing home is only for very wealthy people and has started with 30 people.

Glenwood Church is very happy to be able to initiate this missionary work in that place and DeAnna thanked us very much and said that for her it is an honor that we can work together in this enormous project for the good of so many people who need lots of love.

We thank God for this opportunity to serve Him in that nursing home where we can even take the children to sing and share the message of salvation with organized groups. We can say as Paul: “because a great door for effective work has opened to me…” (1 Cor.16: 9) Praise God for this miracle! ”


Ruben Balaguer pastors the Glenwood Seventh-day Adventist Church in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.