Everyone has a story to tell, and Glacier View Ranch wants to hear your summer camp story.

The RMC youth department is seeking to continue putting the puzzle together of GVR’s history. Ella Jean Albertsen, Campion church member, has been working hard to compile heaps of history about GVR which has been lost over the years through various transitions.

The history of GVR is important according Jessyka Dooley, assistant youth director. “This is something every youth director/camp director would love to do, but rarely has the time for. I’m in awe of her [Albertsen’s] passion for GVR over the years,” Dooley commented.

Glacier View Ranch exists as a space for people to gather and explore ideas, adventure in beautiful places, ignite passions, summit mountains and moments, engage in relationships and connect with God.

“The RMC youth team is always in awe as they hear the stories and memories treasured by those who have experienced GVR in all of its beauty,” Dooley said. “We are humbled by our past and how God has always carried us through. We are passionate about our future and where God will take us from here.”

Each memory holds a piece of the puzzle that is Glacier View Ranch—from where it has been to where it is going.

The youth department is asking those who have information, stories or photos about Glacier View Ranch to contact them via email. They are hoping to fill some gaps especially around the years 1950-1970. You can send your piece of the story to Ella Jean Albertsen, researcher for the project Ejalbertsen@gmail.com and Jessyka Dooley jessykad@rmcsda.org