The lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequential impact on families thereafter has shown the relevance of the Family Life Ministries in our church. The family is the foundational basis for the church. Therefore, ministry to the family is the primary task of the church as we proclaim the Three Angels’ Messages in our communities.

Earlier last year the Minnesota Conference Board of Trustees voted to ask Elder Eduardo Jacobo, our Hispanic Ministries coordinator, to also serve as the Family Life coordinator.

Elder Jacobo is aware that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is the most diverse church on the North American continent. He is also aware that Family Life ministry in this diverse multi-ethnic culture can be defined by difficulties and challenges. In preparation for his role in the Family Life Department of the Minnesota Conference, he has formed a Family Life Committee to work and focus particularly on issues relevant to churches across the board.

During a recent interview, Elder Jacobo stated that “Family life is a moving testimony for Christ in the Church; it can also be evangelistic in nature, renewing faith, encouraging better marriages and Christ-based family life in our generations—all under the umbrella of Family Life Ministries. Thus, the Minnesota Conference Family Life Ministries Department will endeavor to offer support and guidance for families and our church community.” Elder Jacobo hopes that “the church, through the Family Life Ministries, will encourage members to keep their EYES on Jesus with hope.”

In the Minnesota Conference we have a slogan “Keep your EYES on Jesus.” This is an attempt to have all we do be “Christ-Centered” ministry. It is an easy way to remind our conference church family to do EVANGELISM, provide support to our YOUTH, continue to work with Seventh-day Adventist EDUCATION, and grow in SPIRITUALITY, stewardship, and service to our community.