Pastor Gil F. Webb, who has served as vice president of administration for the Mid-America Union Conference since December 2012, will be retiring on Dec. 31, 2020.

Webb previously served in the Central States Conference as ministerial director and assistant to the president. He also pastored the Linwood Boulevard Temple in Kansas City, Missouri.

A native of San Francisco, Webb graduated from Golden Gate Academy and attended Oakwood College (now University). After earning a degree in theology he entered pastoral ministry in October 1976. 

Webb and his wife Pat have served all of their 44 years of ministry in the Mid-America Union, pastoring in 14 churches in five states across Mid-America—Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. Webb has also been a department director for youth, health and temperance, education and stewardship.  

Wise, hardworking, compassionate

Brian Mungandi, vice president for administration for the Minnesota Conference, first met Elder Webb when Mungandi was a volunteer pastor in the Central States Conference. “He was an amazing leader,” says Mungandi. “I will never forget a little act of kindness he showed me. I did not have an ordination gown and, noticing that, he brought two and shared one with me.” Mungandi states that Webb has been “an amazing example for me and our team of conference secretaries,” adding that his dedication, humble spirit and hard work have been truly inspiring. 

“When I met Elder Gil Webb 20 years ago in Kansas City he was serving as the youth director for the Central States Conference. I didn’t know that I would need his spirit of

humility and grace to help me become the man I am today,” says Cryston Josiah, who is currently the vice president of administration for the Central States Conference. “He has been a mentor and friend to me and my family throughout my ministry and will be sorely missed in denominational leadership. On behalf of my wife Karen and myself, we wish him and Pat a beautiful retirement as they ride (or sail) into the sunset!”

G. Alexander Bryant, president of the North American Division, has known Webb for over 40 years and refers to him as a dear friend and true man of God. “He and I worked most of our ministerial years in the Central States Conference together,” says Bryant. “Early in my ministry Gil was responsible at camp meeting time to ‘whip’ the young ministerial interns into shape, of which I was one. He would get us up early in the morning to empty trash, cut grass, put up tents, unclog toilets, and whatever else was needed. We would work 12-hour days in the heat and blazing sun of Kansas. Then, just at the moment we were ready to complain that he was working us too hard, he would bring us soda and pizza—his act of kindness and heart of compassion made us work even harder. Elder Gil Webb has always had this rare combination of gifts: wise, hardworking and yet compassionate.” 

Faithful friend and man of God 

“Gil is known everywhere as a person of great character. He has been a joy to work with because of his creativity, skill and love for people,” says Gary Thurber, president of the Mid-America Union Conference. “He will be missed greatly. I wish him and Pat only the very best as they begin the next leg of their journey together.” 

Troy Peoples, vice president of finance for the Mid-America Union Conference, considers Webb a trusted friend and says it’s been a joy to serve with him during the last eight years. “Gil has such diverse interests and knowledge, and has brought a pastoral heart to how we face issues. I will miss him greatly,” adds Peoples.

As Webb reflects on his 44 years of ministry, he says it has been a privilege to work and serve with a group of individuals in the Mid-America Union “who contributed, perhaps unwittingly, to my growth as a person and as a Christian. Their dedication, commitment and professionalism in getting the task done is a great thing.”

Words of Appreciation from Pastor Gil Webb

I want to give a word of appreciation to the local conference vice presidents for administration. We have worked together, combing through policies, constitution and bylaws along with constituency session schedules. The dialogue and exchanges were helpful and meaningful.

In addition, I am grateful to those former co-administrators of MAUC when I first joined the team (Tom Lemon, president, and Elaine Hagele, vice president for finance) for contributing to my process of learning my new responsibilities in ministry.

To my current fellow administrators (Gary Thurber, president, and Troy Peoples, vice president for finance,) I am very appreciative for the welcoming of my contribution to our many conversations over the years, and the experience and exposure as we traveled across this vast union territory for executive committee meetings and constituency sessions.


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