Mark B. Johnson, MD, MPH, was elected Colorado Medical Society president-elect in August and will be installed as the CMS president in September 2021. Dr. Johnson has been a member of CMS for more than 30 years, has served on and chaired many of its committees and councils, and is currently a member of its governing board.

Since 1990, Dr. Johnson has served as the executive director of Jefferson County Public Health. Though he had planned to retire in June, he delayed retirement till October so that he could lead the county’s response to COVID-19.

Founded in 1871, the Colorado Medical Society is the largest organization of physicians in Colorado, with more than 7,500 members across all specialties and employment settings. The society is leading meaningful innovation to enable a better health care system for patients, physicians and the state. It works closely with the American Medical Society (AMA) to deliver results-focused strategies that help physicians enhance the delivery of care and improve the health of the nation.

The members of the Colorado Medical Society actively supported Medicaid expansion in Colorado, helping more eligible patients receive health care, and continues to seek  other avenues to improve access to health care and health services with the goal of improving the health of all Coloradans.

Commenting on the CMS vote, Dr. Johnson said, “Health care has been a big part of my professional life and is an important role of my spiritual community. I sincerely appreciate the support of my colleagues in trusting me with this position.”

Mark and his wife, Diane, are long-time members of the Boulder Seventh-day Adventist Church, and both currently serve on its Vision Board, of which Dr. Johnson is chair.