Hugh Davis, digital media manager for Mid-America Union and Outlook magazine, introduces a new series dedicated to encouraging churches and ministries to use Facebook as a missionary tool. Each week Hugh and his guest will provide tips and advice to help churches gain confidence and use the platform responsibly. Follow Hugh and his guest each week on Facebook to learn more about how you can become a digital missionary.

Introductory digital missionary guest, Vanessa Schecher from the Piedmont Park church in Lincoln, Nebraska, shared the following things:

  • Why she considers herself a digital missionary
  • How she manages Facebook for her church
  • Facebook Live
  • What equipment she uses to stream the service using Facebook Live
  • Tips for churches who want to start a Facebook page
  • How a church benefits from being on Facebook

What questions do you have? If you are a digital missionary and you would like to share your story please contact Hugh Davis.