When the topic is Dakota Adventist Academy, one name that often comes up in conversation is Thompson. Having been on staff long

before the planning and building of the facility, Tommy and Ella Mae are well known and cherished for all their contributions to Adventist secondary education in the Dakotas. Though they have moved on from their house on Thompson Lane, they are still influencing students to this day.

The Thompson’s former home on faculty lane is now the classroom of the school’s construction classes, where a remodel job is inprogress under the tutelage of teacher Ryan Peterson. Working with the support of the Dakota Conference, this year’s Construction II and III classes are getting hands-on building opportunities! They have completed necessary demolition, which was initiated by conference maintenance director Marlin Miller.

Incorporating some design ideas from the students has enabled slight modifications and updates to the

standard late 70s era floor plan. Moving walls to open up the space will lend a modern feel to the house. Two of the biggest changes the class has opted for are removing the wall between the kitchen and living room to allow for an island to be added in the kitchen, and adding a doorway from the main bathroom into the master bedroom resulting in a suite. These are small changes that will make a major difference.

Students are getting a lot of first-hand experience with their classwork. They are learning about structure, esthetics, flow, electrical, drywall and much more.

High school students who are looking for this type of vocational training are urged to contact Dakota Adventist Academy for more information.