Each school year, senior academies in the North American Division select a junior or senior student with a strong citizenship record, a personal commitment to witnessing and service, and an overall positive influence on their campus to receive a $500 scholarship, a plaque and an engraved Bible.


Milka Mendoza Sanchez

As student chaplain, Milka has exemplified a heart of service and compassion in everything she does. Her commitment to sharing her testimony of God’s work in her life has made her relatable to the student body, and her spiritual leadership has encouraged others to grow in their own walk with Christ. She has warmed the campus with her outgoing personality, kind heart and prayerful disposition. Her dedication to the student chaplaincy position has made her a valued and admired servant leader.


Sunnydale Adventist Academy

Olivia McIntosh

Olivia is a four year senior who impacts others with a caring heart and a smile. Olivia’s love for service is evident in her life path from mission service in Africa, India and here at home in New Mexico at LaVida Mission. She is a quiet leader, an Associated Student Body officer for the past two years, always ready to help and looking for what needs to be done before being asked. Olivia loves volleyball, helping others, family and Jesus! The staff and students of Sunnydale congratulate Olivia and wish her the best in her coming educational endeavor at Union College.




Mile High Adventist Academy

Liesel Kahler

Liesel lives with a “caring heart.” Despite the pandemic, Liesel (an active member of the Denver South Church) has continued to find ways to be a servant to others in her community. She is quick to jump in during community service projects, bringing energy and positivity. More importantly, she is the kind of person who sees the needs around her day in and day out. She has a knack for understanding situations and what must be done to make someone else feel more comfortable, included or heard. Liesel has proven that even when service projects are limited by circumstances, a person can still live.




Maplewood Academy

Gilead Tarus

The coolest thing about Gilead is his head-overheels love for Jesus and how that love spills over to everyone around him. Since his freshman year, Gilead has impressed others with his genuine kindness and his joy in sharing Jesus with others. Gilead is following God’s call to be a fisher of men through encouraging words, prayer in the hallways with classmates and the Bible studies he has started in the dorms. These seemingly small actions are flaring up to a powerful spiritual fire on our campus. Maplewood is proud of Gilead and we full-heartedly congratulate him on his graduation and receiving the Caring Heart Award.




College View Academy

Kylie Bock

The faculty and staff at College View Academy have chosen Kylie to receive the Caring Heart Award because we feel she exemplifies the true meaning of Christian love. She has a passion for helping others and her participation in studentled campus ministries activities and community outreach make her a perfect candidate. Kylie has a heart for people! During this school year she noticed that a student was coming to school without a lunch day after day and she started bringing extra food so this student was never hungry. Kylie is aware of how others feel and she wants all students to be included in school and social activities.




DAA StudentDakota Adventist Academy

Colter Roffler

Colter is a senior who served as an RA and participated in music activities and all intramural athletics. He spends time working in the auto shop, is a member of DAA’s strings ensemble and participates in regional conference gatherings as well as other worship opportunities, including leading dorm worship and vespers. Colter has spoken for church services on campus as well as in his home church, and actively encourages other students to do the same. He also serves as the spiritual vice president for the student association and the senior class and is an active member of the National Honor Society.



Midland student

Mildland Adventist Academy

Jordan Anderson

Throughout her high school years Jordan has been involved in music, helping to lead praise and worship during chapel, writing her own songs and singing in the choir. During her junior and senior years, she has helped more students become involved in worship by being the student leader of Midland’s Campus Ministries team. Jordan is also actively involved in worship ministry at the Beacon Light Church. Her mentorship of others will continue to bless students for years to come.