Maria Johnson, mother, counselor and camp nurse for the College View Trailblazers in Lincoln, Nebraska, is completely sold on the benefits of Pathfindering. “I’ve been working with Pathfinders for 13 years now,” Maria says, “and before that I was a Girl Scout for 13 years and an Adventurer Club director.”

Maria’s three daughters love Pathfinders as well and are following their mom’s example in earning their Master Guide rank. Her oldest, Aly, was invested as a Master Guide at the 2014 Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh, and her middle daughter, Alexis, was invested this year. The youngest, Ashlea, is currently on track to be invested at the 2024 Camporee.

“That’s the rule,” Maria says, laughing. “I tell them they cannot leave Pathfinders until they get their Master Guide.”

Some of the things Maria appreciates about being a Pathfinder is how hands-on the activities and experiences are. “You learn a lot,” Maria explains. “And you learn how to exercise your knowledge in developing friendships and being a better servant.”

In addition, Maria believes that one of the best things about Pathfinders is seeing the impact you can make through being a leader and a friend. “It’s amazing,” she adds with emotion in her voice. “You see a lot of miracles. I’m really passionate about Pathfinders because God has been so good to me and I want to share that. If I can inspire just one person to go beyond Pathfinders and be a missionary in our community, I will feel that I’ve accomplished my goal.”