OUTLOOK editor Brenda Dickerson sat down with Heather Quintana in May of 2019 to talk about the purpose and impact of Vibrant Life magazine, the nation’s oldest health journal.

As the editor of Vibrant Life, tell us about the magazine’s history and mission?

What are your thoughts on the health crisis taking place in America today?

How does Vibrant Life align with the principles Ellen G. White, our Adventist Church co-founder, laid out in her writings?

What are some tips for filtering the abundance of health advice we encounter these days?

How do you choose which recipes to include in Vibrant Life?

What’s your philosophy for choosing the magazine’s topics?

What are some examples of how this magazine has impacted people’s lives?

You can subscribe to Vibrant Life magazine for $19.95 a year or check out the Buy One, Share One option and send it to a neighbor, your child’s teacher or your hair salon. You can also buy in bulk to hand out at your church, school or community health event. Visit Vibrant Life to learn more about subscribing or to read health-related articles.

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