Sometimes beauty gets a bad rap. It’s talked about like it exists only on the surface and doesn’t have any deeper value. People say it’s shallow to care what something looks like and for sure, it can be twisted into a competition or a way we measure value.

But that’s not why Godde created beauty and put it all around us. I believe She looked down through time and saw the chaos we’d face in a sin-warped environment and planned therapy for us. A huge part of that therapy is beauty. People are calmed when they get in nature and see beauty that insists we’re thought of and cared for. They may be struck by the realization we are part of the design, even though we’re small in the scope of the world. Godde-aware people and those who aren’t, are awestruck by the majesty of nature.

My soul remembers wonder and I feel lost and safe all at once.

And while a view from a mountaintop is great, sometimes I can just stay in the rain a little longer and be carried away by the sounds, the smells and the wildness of it all. My soul remembers wonder and I feel lost and safe all at once. We were created for a vast, beautiful environment, and we long for a space like that. What we suffer on a daily basis is hard on our souls. Jesus knew that and built support under us like green grass to walk barefoot in, the moon to gaze up at, and a friend’s hand to hold.

Only by Godde’s mercy do remnants of beauty sparkle up at us from time to time. They are there to remind us of the goodness Godde wants for us and give us courage while we wait. So take it in. When beauty takes your breath, know it’s a promise from Her.