Authentic voices are important to us as we tend to listen for them to guide our lives. Public figures, preachers, politicians, friends, radio and TV personalities can all be influencer figures. Many bring much wisdom and authority to our lives. Some stray from what we know to be wisdom and some are not wise at all.

Deciphering or authenticating the wise among them is the process of Authentication. When on missions in the Army, we spent a good amount of our time in communication with other unit members. We got to know their voice over the radio. We felt certain we knew who they were by their voice. But we had a process of authenticating each communication. A small card stock and code reader device was placed in our gear each morning before we went out to fly and we would use that code to authenticate each call. 

It was like trying to do a crossword puzzle while flying the aircraft. But we kind of liked it. It added to our security and safety. In a similar way, we live in a distrustful time, and we want to be sure that our communications are not compromised. we have since the days of Vietnam I believe. While there are reasons for this general distrust, we still have to be able to trust somebody or something or some institution, and that the True Shepherd is speaking thereby.

We need an Authenticator now more than ever it seems.

I’ve always believed in God, never doubted Him really. I Didn’t always stay close to Him or show a lot of devotion, but I’ve always trusted Him, and believed in Him. This led me to a certain confidence or trust in His word. The Bible then over time became my primary authority for life. I can’t prove that the Bible is the ultimate authority for anyone, but I really don’t think I need to. I think the Holy Spirit is the One that offers that conviction.

More importantly, the authority of Scripture can live in me and authorize my life and character. Living by God’s word becomes an extension of Authenticating it. People can see that I walk the talk and talk the walk you might say.

The first Authentication then is to get a firm hold on God’s word. Not what you hear others say, or preachers preach, or commentators comment, but a first person, in the flesh intimacy with the voice of God.

God’s word is often difficult to understand, but that does not diminish it’s authority. It is often perplexing, but that does not stifle our search but inspires it. When we don’t understand His words, we don’t write Him off, we get more intense with Him, question Him, pursue Him.

This makes the Bible an authority in our lives. Jesus becomes Lord and Saviour to us though each conversation. We trust Him more and more because He shows Himself trustworthy time and time again.

As Ronald Reagan said, Trust but verify. After a while, the voice of God is so clear and compelling, and well received that you won’t need to verify but only rejoice in God’s ways and God’s word.

With such authentic living you can rest assured that you are hearing the Author’s voice.