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Approximately 5,500 Seventh-day Adventist educators from across North America and beyond, and guests from other Adventist ministries, are gathering for fellowship, networking and professional development. The North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Education Department hosts this event. The Mid-America Union has a little over 300 people attending.

The theme for the convention, Something Better, is a reminder that Jesus offers each one of us “something better” than the world has to offer. Ellen White tells us that “to honor Christ, to become like Him, to work for Him, is the life’s highest ambition and its greatest joy” (Education, p. 296).

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What Do The Educators Get to Do?

There are over 300 presentations, divided among five breakout sessions, mostly conducted by Adventist practitioners in the classroom. In addition to the well thought out devotional time, keynote speakers, music and over 150 exhibitors, some new features to this convention are Ed Talks, Spark Tank, and a special track for Early Childhood.

How Often Does This Take Place?

The convention is usually held every five years. The first convention (2000) was held in Dallas, Texas, then in Nashville, Tennessee (2006 and 2012), and many of you will recall Chicago, Illinois, back in 2018. “Since the beginning, the Mid-America Union has made attendance at the convention a priority for our educators,” stated Mid-America Union director of education LouAnn Howard. “The Board of Education has voted that the union cover all registration fees and travel costs for our educators to attend. And even though conferences have agreed to cover the costs to and from the airport, careful planning has allowed Mid-America to cover those costs, too.”

What Did Teachers Take Away From the Convention?

“What I have enjoyed is all of the connections that I have made. Now I can text people and call people in case I need help or assistance or some guidance. It’s been a real blessing in disguise and I’ve really enjoyed this convention a lot. Since I’m a first-year teacher it’s nerve wracking but when you have support behind you and connections it seems like it’s going to be all right.”  -Robert Christensen, Adventist Christian School, Minnesota Conference

“What I took away from this convention is that we are called to teach. We are not ordinary educators. We are here for a purpose, and that’s what makes us distinct amongst all other educators in the world. Because of that, we could claim the promise of God that He will empower us and enable us to work mightily through our students, community, and for the church in general.” – Herssel Shaira Capobres, Maranatha Adventist Christian School teacher, Minnesota Conference

“One takeaway from the convention was from a breakout I attended where they had a panel of a few experienced teachers, and they were trying to help out new teachers. We got to ask questions, and they provided advice on things we should do and pointers in areas that first-year or even third-year teachers are struggling with and trying to figure out what to do. It really helped me out because I’m going to be student teaching, and it helped me to learn some things to look out for, and here’s what I need to envision in my head to figure out what to do.” – Jeremiah Jenkins, student teacher, Union College

Charise Sandoval, from Wichita Adventist Christian Academy, within the Kansas-Nebraska Conference shared, “I loved it all. It was very motivational and inspiring and I look forward to a great school year.”

Photos and Video of Convention

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