Jamey Houghton, Franktown Church pastor, was just putting the final touches on his sermon at his office on a Friday afternoon. Outside it was a beautiful day—white fluffy clouds in the sky. But suddenly a loud clap of thunder filled the office, followed by the sound of rain pounding the roof. Then the unmistakable roar of Harley Davidson motorcycles filled the empty church.

“As a motorcycle rider myself, I knew exactly what was happening—a couple riders were trying to get out of the heavy rain and were coming under the porch by our front door to stay dry,” Houghton said.

Meeting them outside, a conversation started. Soon, the couple revealed that they live close to the church. They asked questions about the church and what Adventists believe. As the conversation grew, the topic of the Sabbath arose. During the continuous rain a Bible study on the benefits of the Sabbath continued.

As the storm came to an end, the man expressed, “I think God sent the rain so we could meet you and find this church.”

The couple mounted their bikes as the rain ended, and Houghton extended an invitation for the couple to attend the next day. “As I preached the next day, I scanned the audience and didn’t see them,” Houghton said with disappointment. “The next Sabbath, though, I was walking up to the front pew to start the announcements and some people waved at me. I went over and they said, ‘Hey! We are the motorcycle people,”’ Houghton added with excitement.

The couple has become regulars at the Franktown gatherings, studying the Bible and becoming involved in the Biblical Foundations Sabbath school.

The family is excited to share with everyone they meet how a rainstorm changed their outlook on life and opened new doors of faith to them. “On that beautiful Friday, I believe God knew these dear people were searching for Him and sent the rain to steer their Harley Davidsons right up to the front door of the church,” Houghton concluded.