How has being a delegate inspired or challenged your faith by being involved in this year’s general conference session? 
I’ve been inspired by the mission stories. It is a special feeling to have people from Ukraine here, to see the conversion of South American guerrillas on film and the baptism of the Army commander and his wife.
What have you learned so far that you didn’t know before?
I learned Dr Simmons will no longer serve as a vice president. There is much respect and trust for her. Her calm, understanding demeanor will be missed.
I also learned there are about 2,700 delegates but only 1,800 votes on average. That is discouraging.
What would you like our constituents to know about your expertise at GC Session?
It was an honor to serve. This is an amazing organization; however it does have some blind spots and work to do. It brings comfort to know that God is ultimately in charge.
As I look around at the diversity of the people one aspect has been overlooked–our younger generation. They have very little representation here. That makes me sad because we are quickly loosing that generation in our churches.